I have been slacking on reading the books I am supposed to be reading because of my move to my new job, but I will get back to them. Promise.

In the meantime, I have been perusing the forums at, which appear to have grown very active over the last few years. An interesting thread I was following had to do with whether or not people choose to identify as “polyamorous.” I found it to be a very interesting conversation.

I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes have hesitated to use the term “polyamorous” to describe myself because, well, there are so many ways to be polyamorous and it often requires some explanation, and it just seems cumbersome. At the same time, it’s much more short and convenient if someone does happen to have some knowledge about polyamory, and then I might be able to get out of explaining my philosophies on love, sex, and relationships.

I am apparently not alone. And while the reasons for not identifying as polyamorous even if you fit the definition(s) are just as varied as the ways there are to be polyamorous, it’s nice once again to know that I’m not alone. (Just as it was nice to know I wasn’t alone five years ago when I first started feeling these things.)

I’ve reached a point where I find the term more convenient than necessary, at least for me. I’m supportive of it continuing to exist so that it can promote these kinds of conversations and connections, though. Perhaps polyamory really is more of a movement than a way of loving. A movement to promote awareness of the truly infinite nature of love.

I’m just going to soak it in, keep on living, and keep on loving. Perhaps occasionally sharing my thoughts with people who are curious. I’m happily comfortable these days, and I like it that way.

What more could I want?

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