I’m (Re)Writing a Novel!

Love Times Infinity, a Novel:

A young man longs for an exclusive relationship in a society of communal love.

*     *     *

I have officially started the re-write of “Love Times Infinity;” woohoo!

And, all of the reasons why I had been putting it off for so long, are now clear. Uugghh rewriting is hard! (*whine*)

First off, it doesn’t help that my lazy behind started off my NaNoWriMo novel with, and I quote:

“[Introduce Setting]”

…and then I jumped right into the story. This means that, today, rather than being able to tell you, “Hey everyone! I rewrote page 1!” I instead get to say “Hey guys! I rewrote the first line!”

To be fair, “[Introduce Setting]” is now 997 words, and will probably be more, now that I’ve discovered the second issue with writing a novel with polyamorous tones:


In 997 words, I’ve introduced the two main characters, Mikhail and Ria (though I haven’t gotten into appearances yet), mentioned their two best childhood friends, Vernon and Olivia, mentioned Ria’s two boyfriends, Axel and Jethro, and properly introduced Mikhail’s four parents, Toby, Duane, Giselle, and Rhonda.

Oh, yeah, and I mentioned the dog, Loki. A Basenji who likes to eat underwear.

Definitely saving descriptions of the friends and boyfriends for later, as the story opened up in Mikhail’s house on a Sunday when the whole family is home. (Oh yeah, I did also mention Mikhail’s two younger brothers, though I didn’t mention names. His older brother, Roland, got a name-drop, though.) Clearly, I am going to need a character map. Or, maybe I’ll just turn this into a mass murder mystery and start killing people off so I don’t have to keep track of them all…hmm…

I am genuinely worried that I’ll have too many characters for my readers to keep track of, even if I can. To be fair, Mikhail and Ria are the major focus here, and I’ll probably spend most of the novel in Mikhail’s head, but, dangit, I don’t have the option of letting Vernon, Olivia, and Ria’s other boyfriends be flat. They’re too important.

This is going to be a long first novel.

On a positive note, I think starting in Mikhail’s household was a good move, even though it just happened without me planning it. I was in Mikhail’s head at the start of the book, and then I found out that Mikhail’s head was attached to his body – which was in his kitchen with his family on a Sunday morning, just after breakfast. Getting that “four parent thing” out of the way that early was a great way to set the scene without, you know, just saying “Well, in this lovely community, some (most) families have more than two parents.”

Done for now; I have, you know, the bank and post office to go to, and All-You-Can-Eat wings for $11.95 to eat this afternoon. Life beckons.