What I’ve learned comes from many places. Here are some of them:



The Ethical Slut

Sex At Dawn

The Prehistory of Sex


Three of Hearts

TED Talks by Helen Fisher:

Helen Fisher Tells Us Why We Love + Cheat

Helen Fisher Studies the Brain in Love

There are also various news articles, YouTube videos, and conferences which offer many insights and learning experiences, as well as books that are about sexuality in general which I find interesting and relevant, if not specific to my topics. I’ll hopefully be adding to this list of resources as this blog grows, and would be more than happy to add links to resources that you may know of or find.

Happy reading!

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  1. Wonderful library Shannon. If you’re interested, I have a few links that demonstrate how “nature” forms & decides sexual-attraction, sexual-orientation, inter-sexed births, etc, before birth….not post-natal human choices. Science is increasingly showing that nature is oblivious to human-perceived moral right and wrong. 🙂


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