There’s something I felt a while back that was akin to being cracked open like a melon, my ripe and vibrant insides exposed for everyone to see and widen their eyes at a little, wondering what it would be like to experience that fullness and freshness.

It happened a few months ago, in a moment when I realized that, well, I don’t ever have to pick between people. Do you realize what a release of burden that is? The dramatic storyline that is dictated by a woman torn between two men (or a man torn between three women, a la “Chasing Papi”) is completely dissolved when, well, I don’t need/want to be with just one person, and wouldn’t bother pursuing someone who wanted me to choose them over all others, anyway.

I also wouldn't mind sharing a guy like Papi...

It felt great. I’m sure that others have similar feelings when they discover something that really calls to them, something that they were “born to do”, or something that they can do to change the world. I’m not saying that my discovery is world-changing in the grand scheme of things, but it sure as hell has changed my world.

And every time I re-experience that feeling of openness and freedom, I smile, and it’s a real smile.

Live and love, my friends. Live and love.

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