On Inspiration

If I inspire you to do only one thing, let it be to be the happiest version of yourself as possible.

If I inspire you to do two things, let them be to do the first, and then to inspire others to do the same.



Purpose and Change

campfireToday, as I pack to leave for my relatively isolated summer camp, I’ve been asking myself the same questions I ask every three to four months while preparing to leave one place for another:

What have I learned here in this place? Is there anything I learned about myself while here that I can work on improving as I move on to a new season of work? Can I be a better friend, coworker, or person for the people I’m about to meet?

I came into this season of work very comfortable with myself and who I am, and I wanted that to show in my conversations, actions, and choices. I also wanted it to show when I offered friends advice or challenged their misconceptions with questions. At times, I think it’s possible that my openness with my lifestyle can make people uncomfortable, and I’ve been thinking about ways in which I can be comfortable and open without being offensive.

But, it’s hard. Sexuality is often automatically thought of as offensive in itself. As I think about whether and how to censor myself, I also think about the large number of people who have, in one way or another, informed me that my own openness about sexuality and encouragement of others to own their own sexuality has, indeed, inspired them to explore, question, celebrate, and talk with others, posing questions to people I wouldn’t be able to pose questions to, because I don’t know them. The journey and discovery has made many of my friends and acquaintances happier people who understand themselves better, and perhaps they’ve managed to pass that on to others.

I know that I can’t please everyone, and as someone who enjoys discussing a topic often considered sensitive, I may wind up pleasing less people rather than more. But, this isn’t a numbers game. I’m not trying to win masses over. I think that, of the many things I’ve learned this season, one that I’m going to remember the most is that huge differences can be made for individuals if you stop worrying about making a difference for a huge number of individuals. For those that know “The Starfish Story,” it seems cliche, but when you consider that I’m applying this to allowing people to think about their sexuality, I feel forgiveness for the cliche is warranted.

Back to packing I go; it will likely be a couple months before I post anything substantial, so have a great summer, and keep being your sexy self!

A New York Times Review – Frank Langellas’ Memoir

The word “slut” has been invoked in the public discourse as an ugly slur. But Langella’s book celebrates sluttiness as a worthy — even noble — way of life. . . .There is so much happy sexuality in this book that reading it is like being flirted with for a whole party by the hottest person in the room.

Sounds like a memoir I’ll be reading.



There is something somewhat amusing to me when people are surprised to find out that other people have found themselves in a love triangle predicament. Is it really that surprising that something as uncontrollable as love wouldn’t remain in a controlled, paired form?

I am totally understanding of being surprised that someone has cheated or lied – I mean, I tend to be less surprised, because I think that monogamous expectations encourage these things, and make cheating and lying a better option for some people, but other people might be surprised, especially if the person is otherwise generally honest.

Isn’t it sad that our expectations can turn an honest person dishonest?

Also fun to witness is when someone is surprised that they have found him or herself in a love triangle situation. Really? You were there the whole time, you are feeling the things you’re feeling; do you see now how uncontrollable love is?

I am busy living life and being amused; you should get out there and do the same.

“I’ve Grown”, a poem

My inspiration to write took me in another direction this week. I hope you don’t mind.

– – – – – – – – – – –

I’ve Grown

by Shannon Burton

– – – – – – – – – –

I watch
your eyes
drift down
from mine
to my

As your eyebrows lift up,
I know what you see; you see
that I’ve grown. I see your concern,
your well-intentioned comment welling
up behind your lips. But wait. Let me explain.
It began in college, where I spent less time playing
and more time learning. Swelling with knowledge,
growing rapidly as I shed ignorance.
Then I became a teacher, shared
the things I had learned with your
children. I was filled with passion.
I grew until I was nearly bursting.
I ran away from home and found
I had grown so large, that I’d now
gained a gravitational field, which
attracted people, lifelong friends.
My gravity holds them close,
today, tomorrow, and beyond.
And then, despite a little fear,
I really did it; I let myself go.
Roaming even farther into
un-charted territory. I let
myself go to any place I
desired, and I grew and
grew. I learned, I loved.
I was loved in return. I am
heavy with happiness. I am
plump, rotund with experience and hope.
So thank you for noticing, and how are you?

Sharing is Caring

In lieu of a completely original entry of my own making, I am going to simply link to an interesting blog post I read today. My time dwindles more and more, it seems. I hope that some of you enjoy this as much as I did.

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