Donations of Motivation Welcome

I began this blog nearly a year and a half ago to keep myself motivated while editing a novel manuscript. (See here.)

I have hardly touched the manuscript.

So, after much hemming and hawing, after much non-novel-related goal setting and ball dropping, after much ashamed admittance to interested friends and family that, well, “I haven’t finished editing it yet,” I’m here to say that it is TIME to EDIT.

Yes, dear friends, Love Times Infinity absolutely needs to get plucked off of my digital shelf and metaphorically dusted off for editing. The story of a young, monogamously-inclined man in a nonmonogamous world needs to be told, and it won’t be if I don’t tell it.

All motivational words, thoughts, forms of social media support welcome and thoroughly appreciated.

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  1. Shannon, think how much satisfaction you will finally have when it is done! Think of the potential domino-effect after completing it. And if you’re motivation is still “blah”, take it in manageable chunks/chapters. 🙂

    • Thanks! I finally managed to take the step of printing the whole thing out. That’s a little bit closer to taking the red pen to it, and a little bit farther than I’ve come all this time, lol.

      • There you go! As Dr. Leo Marvin told Bob Wiley in the comedy movie “What About Bob”, starring Bill Murray (as Bob) and Richard Dreyfuss (as Dr. Marvin)…

        “Baby steps. Baby steps.”

        Not that you are mentally challenged like Bob was… but you get what I mean. 😉

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