A Sickie Quickie

(Apologies for the odd title; I’m sick today, which hinders my mental capacity, and this is also a quick entry, thus…you get what I’m saying.)

A friend who has much more free time than I linked me to this Jezebel article about “female purity” being bullshit yesterday. Mostly, it’s stuff I already know, and mostly, it’s stuff I’ve covered here on this blog. There were, however, a couple of gems, such as the author’s imitation of a male trying to justify not wanting to sleep with a “slutty” female:

So you’re about to have sex with a woman you’re attracted to, you really want to have sex with her, but all you can think about is her getting pounded by tons and tons of dicks? That sounds like an entirely different issue.

“No! I just mean that I struggle with the same powerlessness and insecurity that all human beings do, so as a coping mechanism I take advantage of our culture’s patriarchal power structure and exorcize my feelings of worthlessness by perpetuating shame-based proprietary attitudes over women’s bodies. Basically I’m obsessed with controlling women’s lives because I can’t control my own.”

Oh, honey. I know.

That certainly got me a-chucklin’. However, I think my favorite gem was actually in the comments, from TheBigManJoinedTheBand:

This is what I don’t get — women are impure because males have touched them. Who’s the dirty one here? And guys, don’t you get annoyed at being a metaphor for ruining another person’s worth? How can that feel good to hear?

I think I might be in love with TheBigManJoinedTheBand. I don’t even know them, and yet, the stirring feeling is there…*swoon*

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  1. Ugh. I read the article on Jezebel.com while biting my tongue and gnashing my teeth the whole read! Nevertheless, the entire mentalities “purity” and the sexes are skewed and maligned from the start because they originate from Medieval Mediterranean socio-political traditions empowered and enforced by its original, if I may, slut-father the Roman Empire — which ironically collapsed from the inside onto itself — which eventually became the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church. From there and that time, it begat the migration over to North American society….and OBVIOUSLY still permeates within our society today as demonstrated by the article’s author and commenter TheBigManJoinedTheBand.

    The analogy of pulling weeds out in the yard comes to mind here: Yank off the top, leaves, buds from above the ground/soil…..the weed returns. How must you remove it permanently? By digging up all the roots and the entire weed above the roots.

    Look at what has been happening to modern patriarchal governments and social countries today, e.g. Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and all “The Arab Winds” of revolution…all of their ‘culture’ is (was?) based on ancient scriptural cultures. Yet, even some 2-plus millennia have not yet “weeded out” the deep lying roots of the implied flawed social-system in North America, and worse South America. South American women today are sometimes stoned, beaten or even killed for impurity, especially in marriage!

    The entire roots and weed must be removed. Period. 🙂

    • I agree, but how? I can’t help but think about the countless women who are okay with being members of cultures and/or religions which uphold these expectations. We can’t disrespect their beliefs and choice to follow these norms, and it’s impossible to completely eradicate anything as long as any belief or devout followers exist. It can’t happen. It will always exist somewhere, some way, because it’s there. An unremovable root.

      • Shannon, you’re correct. Sometimes it takes many generations and social revolutions, e.g. Martin Luther King’s reforms, to evoke permanent or semi-permanent change. Our country’s struggle and reform of marriage equality will likely require several generations for it to become a nation-wide norm as well. And I agree, the “movement” for change/reform MUST be done in a spirit of respect, revealing non-violently the source of the cancer if you will, of the system/tradition not the person; like Gandhi perpetuated. But cancer will not go away by applying Band-Aids all the time. History adequately shows that failure rate. However, the “surgical removal” must be done in a spirit of healing, NOT decapitation with clubs or weapons.

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