Where to start?

First and foremost: This is my 50th post on lovetimesinfinity! Woo!

Seeing as I just also passed my one-year anniversary writing here, I’d like to point out that ideally, I would like to post with greater frequency. Unfortunately, my job/lifestyle doesn’t always allow for a lot of time and internet access, so 50 posts a year will just have to suffice. Hey, it’s almost twice a month. Almost. Better than some of my other blogs.

Recently, I promised myself that I would challenge ignorant posts I saw on Facebook. Most of what I’ve taken the time to challenge has been related to issues regarding gender roles. Today, my “Wall” was graced with the presence of this (click to enlarge):

I’m not sure where the image originated from, as the Facebook group that posted it clearly hadn’t created it themselves. It earned a head-shake, of course, but also, I was a bit pleased. It opens the floor for conversation. It gives us a visual to work with when we talk about women having to choose being one of these things, and being viewed as “hiding who they really are” when they, for example, wear skirts of different lengths.

A question that I think of, too, is whether this image can help open the discussion of it being “okay” that some women actually are sluts and whores, whether their skirts are that short or not. They are on that very visual spectrum, after all, and while some may interpret this image as showing women that they should find some kind of “balance,” I think that there’s a lot to be said for the fact that different people do, in fact, enjoy seeing women with skirts of all those lengths – some people prefer to see women dressing in long skirts, others in short, others in the middle, so all of those levels are ok. Being a slut, and perhaps even being a whore (gasp!) is okay.

What does the image make you think of?

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  1. The “asking for it” label is also disturbing, implying that it is okay to attack. Blegh.

  2. Congrats on 50! My thoughts on this image were brief at first, then kept growing so I will simply say this: “there is a time and place for everything”. As a father of a 19-yr old daughter, the verbiage definitely is not conducive for a mature discussion. The terms must be concisely defined or completely changed AND I’d have the same discussion with my son when he is of appropriate age. The subjects are for all genders.

  3. Becky's Friend Alma

     /  March 11, 2013

    This accompanied a post entitled “Why Women Have So Many Clothes” and one of the reasons people treat us differently based on what we wear, so we have to wear clothes depending on how we want to be treated. The girl was very aware of the language she used and the impact of the photograph.

    • Becky's Friend Alma

       /  March 11, 2013

      Ack, this comment doesn’t make any sense. One of the reasons we have so many clothes is that we are treated differently based on what we’re wearing. Fact of life.

  4. Becky's Friend Alma

     /  March 11, 2013
  5. Thanks, Alma! I’m really happy to know where the image came from. I was so curious and yet too busy to look for it myself.


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