Doing What’s Right for You

I’ve recently had to make a very difficult decision. I would say that it was related to my career, and that wouldn’t be lying, but it wouldn’t be the whole truth. The truth is, that in camping programs, your career is also your personal life. You live with your coworkers; they become both the family you go home to at the end of the day, as well as the friends that you hang out with on the weekends.

So, my decision to leave the camping program, was also a decision to leave my camping family and friends. I left them right when they needed me the most – when over 100 children would be staying on camp. More than a few of my coworkers/family/friends were unhappy with my decision, and admittedly, I hate the rift that has been created because of it,

. . . but I had my reasons.

I know in my heart that the decision to leave was the right decision for me. It might seem selfish, but the reality is that I have no intention of wasting a minute of my time working for something that I don’t think is working, especially if I’m going to be miserable in the process.

And when I finally realized this (or re-realized, after I doubted myself due to all the cold shoulders I was getting), I realized how similar it was to my path as a polyamorist. I knew in my heart that what I was feeling was right, and despite many naysayers, I found happiness following that path.

I will find more happiness in this path than in the path I could have remained on. Again, it may seem selfish, but the reality is, is that we all deserve to be selfish from time to time. Some of us try to salvage relationships because we value the security and status that they offer, others of us opt to leave. Some of us choose to stick with difficult jobs because we need that job to get to something we care about, and others of us simply leave jobs when we find that we are unhappy in them. Neither choice is right or wrong in itself, just right or wrong for each individual who makes it.

People have the right to choose. My choices may have hurt people, but the choice wasn’t about them; it was about me. My needs. My need to be heard, to have my concerns recognized, and to be known for the person I am.

Stay true to yourself, friends.

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  1. Shannon, I understand and respect your decision. it was not an easy decision to make. sometimes, you have to think about yourself. its okay. I admit, im sad that you had to leave. it just seems imcomplete without you being here. but, you have always stayed true to who you are, I love that about you. if this was the best decision that you had to make for you, than i am all for it. I am and will always be in your corner. Dont ever forget that,,:) Your the best,Shannon!!! 🙂


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