There is something somewhat amusing to me when people are surprised to find out that other people have found themselves in a love triangle predicament. Is it really that surprising that something as uncontrollable as love wouldn’t remain in a controlled, paired form?

I am totally understanding of being surprised that someone has cheated or lied – I mean, I tend to be less surprised, because I think that monogamous expectations encourage these things, and make cheating and lying a better option for some people, but other people might be surprised, especially if the person is otherwise generally honest.

Isn’t it sad that our expectations can turn an honest person dishonest?

Also fun to witness is when someone is surprised that they have found him or herself in a love triangle situation. Really? You were there the whole time, you are feeling the things you’re feeling; do you see now how uncontrollable love is?

I am busy living life and being amused; you should get out there and do the same.

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