I Like What You’ve Done with the Echochamber

This may be far too many posts for one day, but it reflects my usual excitement when starting a new blog. And, to be fair, I wrote the first post on this blog a couple days ago, and just let it sit and marinate in the “drafts” folder while I gathered the chutzpah to publish it and write a decent “About” page.

I have to say, though, that when I started this journey of self-discovery five years ago, that I felt pretty alone. Nobody I knew in person had ever heard of polyamory or ethical nonmonogamy. I depended heavily on livejournal communities and the amazing boyfriend I had at the time to ease my doubts when sappy movies made me question what I was feeling in my heart.

When I participated in NaNoWriMo last year, there were whole discussion threads filled with out-and-proud polyamorists, nonmonogamists, ethical sluts, and others who, even if they didn’t identify as any of those, were accepting and supportive of the identity. I was completely caught off guard. I had been hiding that part of myself for so long, and had, in effect, been hiding myself from getting out and realizing that the rest of the world was moving swiftly along, learning about, talking about, and embracing at least the possibility of this being a valid “lovestyle.”

Now, trolling WordPress tags for new posts and bloggers to read, I discover that where I once worried that the online “buzz” around polyamory was dying, it is instead relocated. Instead of focusing on explaining and sometimes seemingly excusing polyamory to those who have never heard of it, the communities have moved right along and gotten back to day-to-day life discussions, with the assured knowledge that readers know what polyamory is and will, if not accept it or at least read on out of curiosity, simply move on with an eye roll if it isn’t their cup of tea.

We’re normalizing. At least a little bit. Aren’t we?

What a brave new world I’ve come back to.

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